In today’s world where outsourcing is an accepted practice, it is quite common to find people looking for certain services outside their own cities, or even countries. Web design is one such service that is not only about the internet, but also can be done over the internet. This has made it easier for a person from a developed country to get cheap web site designers, and for designers in less expensive parts of the world to earn a higher fee.

The only problem with such dealings is that it becomes difficult for a web designer to show his portfolio to any potential client. The solution to this problem is also offered by the internet and many web designers are putting up their designs from previous projects on their online portfolios, which are on their web sites. This makes it easier for prospective clients to view their work and hire them. It also makes finding new international clients easier.

However, new clients only come to one’s site if they either have the web address, or they find the address while searching for web design services. If they already have the site’s address, then it is a simple matter of going through the portfolio and deciding if they like the designer’s ‘style’. However, if a web designer is relying on the search engines to bring traffic to his site, he would need a better ranking for his site in order for it to show up high when the service is searched.

With Web Content articles, provided by a reliable web content company like The Wordsmanship, it is possible to boost up the ranking of one’s site, thereby pushing it higher on the search engine’s results. When a person searches for anything on a search engine like Google, the first result is the one with the highest ranking and all the subsequent results are in descending order of rank. With high quality web articles about web design, the latest news in design, new innovations and technology in the field of web design that link to one’s site, it is easy enough to bring more traffic to one’s site and thus enhance the site’s ranking.

These web articles can be a part of the website’s external or internal blog, or submitted to web article sites for back-links. Either way, these articles would show up in the searches and would eventually lead the viewer to the appropriate site.

Once the viewer is at the site, there are two ‘hooks’ that can keep him there. One is obviously the quality of the portfolio and the previous work done by the designer. This is dependent on the way his site is designed and laid out. However, equally important is the textual content of his site. If the site is as innovative with the content as it is with the graphics, it is easier for the potential client to get hooked. The longer a potential client stays on the site, the higher the chances of the site getting business.