Search engine optimisation is an enormously expanding industry today; it is also highly competitive and dynamic. Launching a website is easy but getting it up to a level where it is high up on a google search result page is another thing all together. Reaching this level can take some serious dedication and ability to balance the multiple aspects of a search engine optimisation strategy. Since google has updated its page ranking formula, there is a need for a multi pronged search engine optimisation strategy to focus on the short term and long term.

No matter what phase of link building you are considering, one process remains unchanged and that is content submission. Since, quality web content submission is such a constant part of search engine optimisation would it not be smart to just set it up once in a way that you do not have to worry about it repeatedly? Also, doing this would free you to focus your attention on other aspects of building backlinks. Hiring freelance writers to deliver content that you can submit on article directories is the most efficient way to carry out a SEO strategy. Here are five qualities you must look for in a freelance writer:

  1. Commitment to quality: One quality imperative for freelance content writer is unwavering commitment to quality. Search engine optimisation require the kind of articles that user would want to share. Impeccable command over the language and good writing skills are crucial for good freelance writing. Article submission is the most basic part of quality link building and this should not be ever compromised on.
  2. Thorough researcher: Google appreciates articles that are not only originally written but also have original research behind them. A good freelance writer should have a research oriented bent of mind. Also, it is very important that the facts and figures used in the articles are accurate, hence, a freelance content writer should be diligent with the details.
  3. Punctuality: Freelance writing is a highly competitive. Since, submitting articles is such an important part of the search engine optimisation process, punctuality becomes supreme. Google expects backlinks of a site to grow steadily without any major changes. Hence, a freelance content writer should have the capability of delivering within the agreed time.
  4. Understands SEO: You hire writers to write content that will be submitted in article directories and will form backlinks for you. It helps if the writer is aware of the intricacies of SEO. Knowing how to best include keywords while remaining true to the quality of the article is something that he should have mastered. Writing for SEO means supplying genuinely informative or useful articles that also promote your website.
  5. Professionalism: Having a writer work for you as a freelancer can be a boon for your website. Hence, hiring one who can keep a long term reliable and professional relationship is better that having to look for new writer every month.