Most people would think that writing is all the same, and anyone who can write well can write anything. However, to assume that creative writers would also be able to do content writing may not always be right. There are some fundamental difference between creative writing and content writing for the web.

  • The Purpose: Creative writing, even when done for a commercial purpose, is mainly recreational. Content writing for the web, however, has a more commercial use and is a method of marketing. Creative writing entertains while content writing sells, and while being able to entertain while selling is an advantage, one needs to be more than an entertainer to be able to be a good marketer.
  • The Usage: As the name suggests, Creative writing is, well, creative! Most people would consider it a form of art and culture, and the main emphasis while writing creatively is expression of ideas in a beautiful manner. The way the prose is presented becomes the prime aim of the entire exercise. However, online content writing cannot always be about the well-formed style of writing.

There are times when one must abandon what sounds beautiful in order to make it more marketable. One would need to ensure that the keywords selected must be inserted a certain number of times within the text. A good content writing company will work hard to make the keywords blend in beautifully, but the fact remains that the text remains bound to certain rules of marketability rather than pure creativity.

  • The Content: Since content writing for the web is usually a form of marketing, the content of the Web Article or the web page needs to be sharp, concise, to the point, and persuasive. One would need to keep in mind the length of the web article, since a very verbose article would lose the interest of the reader, and so will an article that does not quickly come to the point.

Creative writing, on the other hand, is something that most people would read for pleasure, and the length of the story would not make a difference if the story itself and the narration are well done.

  • SEO Compliance: When writing content for the web, an important factor that affects the writing is the Search Engine Optimisation. This may mean including relevant keywords for a certain number of times. The keywords should be relevant to the product or service that is being promoted. The keywords should also be used in specific locations like the title of the page, or the alt tags of images.

Creative writing is not bound by Search Engine Optimisation. While a site that promotes creative writing may showcase creative writing samples by people, the site itself would have to be SEO compliant in order to be able to showcase its gallery to a larger audience.

While both Creative Writing and Content Writing are valuable skills, it is very important to realise where and when to use each. We, at The Wordsmanship, are aware of how different situations may require different styles of writing, and we adapt ourselves to each client. Not only that, we also make sure that our clients get the perfect blend of creativity and content.