One of the most common misconceptions regarding the web content writers’ job is that writing for blogs and writing web content is the same. Most people think both are ‘just articles’ that a writer would write and anyone who can write one can also write the other. The difference in both forms of writing comes as a bit of a surprise to new writers.

Writing web content or web articles and writing blog articles is inherently different in the sense that web articles or web content articles are usually a one-off job, while writing for blogs is a long term prospect. When writing web content, most of the guidelines are already provided by the client. The information is very specific, and more often than not, provided by the client for whom the writer is writing for.

Web blogs, on the other hand, are a different cup of tea. These are a single-themed, regular form of writing, which can go on for many months, sometimes even years. A lot of web content writers get into blog writing assignments thinking it would be no different from web content writing, but soon lose out on steam because blog writing can become monotonous and tiresome.

Most bloggers find themselves running out of ideas after a while, and they start becoming repetitive. This problem does not arise with web articles and web content writing. Thus, in order to be a blog writer, one must be able to be motivate oneself, and also come up with creative solutions to the problem of monotony.

Many bloggers find that getting their readers involved can be quite stimulating. Blog readers are invited to take part in discussions, surveys, quizzes, etc, and their inputs help the bloggers come up with ideas for their future posts.

Others may like to create big stories and break it into multiple posts. This keeps their readers coming back for more while they themselves can make a single story last longer. This method works even better when combined with the previous one, since reader inputs at each stage can help make the future ‘chapters’ more evolved. This makes the readers all the more involved since they can see the results of their inputs faster.

Sometimes, bloggers like to go back to some of their old posts and give it a fresh perspective. This may seem like the repetition that was mentioned earlier, but in fact, it is a good way to show the readers the evolution of the subject of the blog. For blogs on technology, it could be a way of comparing what existed a year ago against what exists now. Food blogs can often revisit old posts during a particular time of the year. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, when none of the above ideas seem to help, it is time to call for help from outside! There are a number of bloggers who will not hesitate to call in a guest blogger. This is not a lazy option, but a great way to get a new point of view, which in itself can be quite inspiring. Another way might be to research on the internet and see what the rest of the world has to say about the topic of one’s blog. It is amazing how easy it is to fall into a pattern and stop learning. By researching, one fires one’s imagination and immediately gets more and more ideas.

Another option for a blogger who has problems with ideas or content for his blog is to hire a reputed web content writing company that specialises in blog articles. These web articles writing companies will be able to give you high quality content on a regular basis. Because they have a number of writers in their payroll, the blog entries will be able to maintain their freshness. Companies like The Wordsmanship are a quick and easy solution to a blog writer’s block!