Using the great tool of press releases to create attention for your business

Press releases are, without a doubt, one of the most underrated tools of online marketing. Unfortunately, not many people can see their value and end up opting for other modes of online marketing such as PPC or internet article marketing. The reason for this is simply that press releases are ideal for online businesses that are dynamic in nature. What this means is that a press release should be used by online businesses that have regular innovations and movements in their operational and marketing structure.

This could be anything from new wings being opened, new products being launched or even new tie ups being formed. In effect, press releases are ideal for online businesses or companies that already have a decent presence and are looking to maintain or expand their customer base.

Relevance of Press Releases for You

If you have an online business or company that has already created a certain role for itself in the established markets, then you should look into using press releases for garnering more hype and attention for your company. Ideally, you should look for conversion writing services to write the press releases for you. However, it is also possible for you to write them yourself. While writing press releases is not the easiest thing in the world, it is very much possible for an individual to learn how to do it. The following are the basics of writing press releases that you should adhere to for your own project.

The Information in the Press Release Has To Be Relevant

A press release is supposed to provide the reader with some item that is newsworthy. This is why press releases are mainly used by businesses or companies for telling people of new developments related to the company. Therefore, as mentioned above, the information that the press release is based around should include things like product launches, landmarks achieved, deals clinched, tie ups formed or even new offices opened.

The Journalistic Aspect of Press Releases

Press releases are very similar to a journalistic article in that they follow the inverted pyramid structure. The inverted pyramid structure means that the most important content has to be in the beginning of the article. This means that your press release should begin with the main information in a way that it interests the reader to continue reading it. Effectively, the first two to four lines need to be focused on the news and nothing else.

The difference between a press release and a journalistic article is that the former is inclined towards a company while the latter is designed to be neutral and unbiased even if the news is about a company. This is evident with the fact that most press releases tend to end with the bio of the company or companies related to the news item.

The Tone of the Press Release Needs To Be Informative

The tone of a press release is something that most people mess up with. The common mistake with press releases is that the writer decides to use it to praise the company through lots of superlatives, adjectives and, in some really bad cases, hyperbole. The primary purpose of a press release is to inform the reader of any developments that have occurred with regard to the company involved. The news being reported in the press release should, in itself, be enough for the reader to view the company positively. Therefore, a press release needs to be informative and dry as against fancy and full of claims.

Supporting Aspects of a Press Release

The press release needs to contain some very critical aspects to be successful. The first is that it should contain a lot of contact information so that any media personnel or potential clients can use the press release as a launch board to get in touch with the company. If the news item being reported is worthy and the press release written well, it can result in the company getting a lot of enquiries from either media professionals or potential clients.

As mentioned earlier, every good press release also contains a small bio of the company in the end. This bio needs to include various facts about the company starting from its inception to its current involvements and achievements. In addition to the company bio, the press release should also contain statistical or factual information about the news in question in bullet points. The idea is to make it easier for media professionals to create articles or reports about the company for their organizations.

Write It Yourself Or Go For SEO Content Writers?

A press release is regarded as a reflection of the quality and stature of the company that it reports about. Therefore, the press release needs to be of exceptional quality and there should be nothing in it that makes the readers wonder about the professionalism or the quality of the company. This means that the person writing the press release needs to not only have a strong command of the language but also understand the intricacies of writing press releases.

Ideally, the press release should be written by a person with a conventional media background. This means that you can use an ex journalist, public relations expert or even an events professional to write your press release for you. If you have such a background then you should write your press release yourself. However, if this is not the case, then you should look to hire SEO article writers or SEO content writers that have such a background.

The WordsManShip is run and operated by a former journalist and has a team that consists of various former journalists as well. Therefore, we would be more than capable and willing to undertake your press releases project.