It is important for the targeted blog to be relevant or the results would be substandard. So, how does one choose?

The previous parts of this guest blog series covered some of the most crucial aspects of the whole concept of guest blogging. However, each of these parts i.e. part I (why guest blogging is recommended to content writers freelance), part II (tips for on article marketing in terms of guest blogging) and part III (finding guest bloggers ready to post SEO marketing articles), was designed to bring us to this part which provides article marketing tips with regard to guest blogging.

Significance of Targeting the Right Blogs

As any SEO articles writing expert would tell you, when it comes to guest blogging, one of the most important aspects that you are supposed to consider is which third party blog you are targeting. The reason for this is fairly obvious in that you need your guest posts to go on a blog that not only has the right standing with search engines but is also relevant with regard to the line of business you are involved in.

This is where the problem lies. Most people who have recently started SEO articles writing find it difficult to find blogs that are suitable for their fields but also possess good standing on the internet. If you are also facing such problems then here are some tips that will simplify the whole process of finding the right blog for your guest posts.

An Intelligent Search on the Internet

The foremost method employed by most SEO articles writing experts for finding blogs that accept guest bloggers is an intelligent search on any of the major search engines on the internet such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Herein, the phrase ‘intelligent search’ means that a generic search would not be enough because it would not provide the right search results. Instead, the search needs to be refined in such a way that the results are relevant to the objectives at hand. Here are some keyword combinations that most SEO articles writing experts use to find the right blogs for their goals.

Industry name + submit an article

Industry name + write for us

Industry name + guest blogging

Industry name + submit guest post

Industry name + submit post

Industry name + write for us

Industry name + contribute

Industry name + guest posting

Industry name + submit an article

Industry name + submit post

Industry name + guest blogging

Industry name + submit your post

Searching On the Google Blog Module

The refined search mentioned in the previous point can be refined even further if the search is conducted on specific blog search modules of search engines as against using the general variants. A good example of this could be to use the Google Blog module of Google. The use of Google Blog module means that the amount of effort you would have to put into going through the search results would be reduced. It is also worth pointing out that despite the great benefit of this technique, many SEO articles writing experts do not use it.

Looking Through Blog Directories

Finally, going through blog directories is also something that a SEO articles writing expert can use to find relevant blogs where he can send his guest posts. Many websites like Technorati, Alltop and My Blog Guest are some examples of blog directories where blogs are listed in a meticulous manner under headings of different industries. Furthermore, many of these blog directories have strict requirements when it comes to listing blogs which, basically, means that each listing is going to be highly relevant to the industry it is involved in.

Using Third Party SEO Articles Writing Experts

It is important to note that the better the quality of the blog that you pick out for your guest post, the more difficult it will be for you to get your post approved. Consequently, many online entrepreneurs find themselves getting stuck at this point because their guest posts keep getting rejected by the administrator of the targeted blog.

In these situations, it might be beneficial for the online entrepreneur to use third party SEO articles writing experts for writing their guest posts. We, at the WordsManShip, employ many SEO articles writing experts who specialize in top quality and flawless content. Effectively, we offer our services to you earnestly at highly feasible rates.