Settling the debate on whether written content for SEO is the life force of an online business…

We have been working as internet marketers and content writers for a considerable amount of time and one thing that just does not fail to surprise us even now is that people seem to not attach enough importance to content for SEO. Now, this does not refer to SEO content in the multimedia form i.e. videos, audios, software programs or anything similar, this refers to the plain old and simple written content.

Even more surprising than the fact that SEO content does not get enough importance is that proofs of its significance are not easily found in terms of statistics. However, being the knights of the damsels of content and SEO that we are, here are some statistical proofs why content, SEO and everything related is important for an online business (the credit for the information goes to AOL and Nielsen for their 2011 report titled ‘content is the fuel for social web’).

53% of the Time That People Spend Online Goes To Published Content

More than half the time that people spend online is spent on published content. This can be translated into the fact that a website that does not boasts of a rich trove of content (written and otherwise) is missing out on one of the most reliable benefits of doing business online. In even simpler words, if your website does not have enough content for SEO then your customers or clients are being picked off by your competitors.

In addition to this, around 23% of people’s time on the internet goes to social media networking. This is no secret and is a widely publicized concept that most online businessmen know by heart. However, the true importance of this statistic in terms of content for SEO comes in the next point.

23% of Messages in Social Media Contain Links to Content

23 seems to be the magical number for social media and content sharing. While people spend 23% of their time on social media, 23% of the messages that they exchange with each other contain links to SEO content. In other words, if you have great content then people are going to be spending a lot of their time on sharing it with their friends and contacts.

On a side note, investing on social media network marketing does not need a proponent after such numbers. Therefore, the best way to take advantage of this would be to have great content for SEO on your website and then put up the link for the same on your social media pages.

Sharing Content Demographics Mimic the Generic Online Demographics

Finally, the clincher of all the facts, when it comes to sharing SEO content, there is not a single group of people on the internet that does not do it. This fact is virtually tailor made for those people who say that their customers or clients are not interested in their content. On the contrary, the statistics state that the statistical numbers for sharing content on the internet mimic the demographics of the people on the internet. Consider the following.

  1. 47% of the people online are males. 51% of the people sharing SEO content online are males.
  2. 53% of the people online are females. 49 percent of the people sharing SEO content online are females.
  3. The online community consists of 11% people between the ages of 18 and 24. 12% of the people sharing SEO content online fall in this age group.
  4. Similarly, between the ages of 25 and 34, there are 19% people on the internet while 24% people sharing SEO content on the internet fall in this range.
  5. 32% people on the internet are between 35 years and 49 years old. Amongst the people sharing SEO content, this group amounts to 33%.
  6. People above the age of 50 represent 38% of the online community while amongst the people sharing SEO content, people above 50 years amount to 31% of the total.

These statistics simply mean that, regardless of what your target audience is, content for SEO is something that your business simply cannot do without and this is exactly why the WordsManShip came to be at your service so as to serve your pleasure.