Understanding the driving force behind the increasing demand for freelance content writing services…

Any individual who has dealt with the internet from the business perspective knows of the extreme significance of high quality content for the online world. However, there is a huge difference between having a general idea that something is important and being able to put statistics behind why it is important. For example, we, at the WordsManShip, can very well make tall claims that the kind of content writing services that we provide have been growing in significance, but you would not believe us unless we provide you with solid statistical proof.

The Best Way To Prove That Content Writing Services Are Growing In Stature

We can list a wide variety of benefits of using content writing services, as we and many other content writing services providers have indeed done, but would this actually make you think that content writing services are important in the modern world? It is because of this that we went out in search of solid statistical proof of why content writing services are so important to the online world.

We would also like to mention that we tried to get reliable third party statistics which is how we found the results of a survey that was conducted by AOL and Nielsen. The survey which is titled ‘Content is the Fuel of Social Web’ was conducted to study the content sharing trends of the online universe.

Trends Pertaining To Sharing Content In The Modern World

As we went through the report, one aspect that seemed to jump out at us was that the AOL and Nielsen tried to find numbers on the difference between the frequency of people sharing content two to three years ago and now. The results, while not startling, are a testimony on why content writing services and, indeed, content writers have become so important in the increasingly dynamic online world.

In a nutshell, the frequency of people sharing content has increased significantly in the last two to three years across all online platforms. While people in general are sharing more content, the increase amongst women is considerably higher than the increase in the male community. As more and more content is shared, it is only obvious that more and more content is posted online. This is the premise that we are building our argument of content writing services being more significant on. Consider the following.

Content Sharing Has Increased Most On Social Networks

According to the survey report, the maximum increase in content sharing was seen on social networks. This is not surprising at all because social network, since their arrival in the online universe, have been consistently growing and the last two to three years is no different. The survey showed that women now share content on social networks 50% more than they did before, while men increased their sharing by 37%.

As explained above, the fact that people share more content automatically means that there is more content on the internet. However, even though sharing has grown, it would be safe to assume that only good quality content is shared. The validation of this trend is evident in the updates each of us sees on his Facebook and Twitter pages. This good quality content is primarily derived by online entrepreneurs from the content writing services of a good content writing company.

The Increase In Email Content Sharing Is Most Significant For This Argument

While the fact that sharing on social networks has increased is important, it is more important for us to consider the change in email content sharing because this is where content writing services truly enter the picture. The reason for this is that most professional correspondence in the online universe is done via email (66%) and not social media websites. Also, if the message is industry specific in nature, then the people are more likely to share content at 47%.

If these two statistics are combined then we see industry specific content is more likely to be shared via email than any other platform. Furthermore, the majority of content shared through email tends to be textual in nature, even though other types of content can be shared. This shows that email content sharing is critical for online businesses, even if they are directly dealing with customers.

As per the report, women share content via emails 44% more than two or three years ago while men have increased their sharing by 38%. Add to this the fact that email is indeed the most popular way of sharing content and we see why written content from content writing services is so crucial.

In Conclusion…An Online Business Should Utilize Content Writing Services More

Even though this conclusion is in favor of a content writing company like us i.e. the WordsManShip, the statistics listed above are unquestionable. Moreover, even the extrapolation drawn from these statistics are based on pure logic. Therefore, our conclusion, be it biased, says that online businesses need a content writing company with its numerous content writers in order to truly leverage the potential of the online universe. However, as only good quality content writing services can help, we invite you to go through our CEO Blog, which contains many more samples of our writing, such as this one.