Essay writing and article writing, while not distinctly different, are still unique in their own way…

One of the most debated subjects amongst content writers, journalists and educational experts is the dynamics of essay writing in conjunction with that of article writing. While most people know that journalistic writing is significantly different from essay writing, it is common for most people to think that essay writing is not much different from writing content for SEO. On the contrary, there are some very critical differences between essay writing and writing SEO content spanning four separate key elements.

The Objective of Essay Writing Vis-À-Vis Writing SEO Content

The objective of essay writing is to impart perspective and knowledge while that of writing content for SEO is to simply gain link juice. The distinct difference between the primary objectives of both these types of writing makes them different in subtle ways. Whether you consider the first step of collecting information or you consider last step of writing a conclusion, the impact of the difference between their main objectives comes to the fore succinctly. In fact, the difference in objectives means that both these forms of writing have different target audiences.

Content Used In Essay Writing As Against Writing Content for SEO

The content used in essay writing is almost always focused and specialized while that in SEO and content writing is always generic. For example, most people relate the concept of essay writing to schools, research grants and other related pursuits of knowledge, while writing content for SEO is mainly associated with tips, suggestions, advice, news and interpretation. The difference in content is stark.

If you were to write an essay on mobile applications, it would focus on the technology in detail or even the sociological impacts of mobile applications. Alternatively, if you were writing content for SEO related to mobile applications, then the article would most probably contain where to find them, how to choose them or even which ones are new.

Tone of Language in Essay Writing Vs. Writing SEO Content

The tone used in essay writing needs to be educational and analytical while the tone in writing content for SEO is conversational. The target audience, as mentioned above, for both these forms of writing is different. While the target audience for essay writing can be said to be the intelligentsia or specialists, the target audience for SEO and content writing is everyone.

This means that for an essay to appeal to its intended reader it needs to talk in his language and tone, which is educational, analytical and research based. Alternatively, as writing SEO content targets everyone on the internet, the safest way forward is to follow a neutral and possibly entertainment based tone.

Structure Employed In Essays As Opposed To Organization of SEO Articles

Finally, the structure used in the two forms of writing is also different. Consider all the essays you have written or read. The paragraphs tend to be longer, the sentences tend to be elaborate and the words tend to make you run for a dictionary or multiple reference articles. Having said this, it needs to be pointed out that it is possible for an essay to be a little simpler in terms of the words used and the concepts explained. However, the paragraphs and sentences do tend to be long and complex.

Alternatively, if you consider all the SEO articles you have read, you will note that they can only be described as ‘easy read’. In fact, you can even describe some of them as ‘easy skim’ (these are usually the ones with simple lists in them). Furthermore, the paragraphs are expected to be small in SEO articles and the concepts explained extremely simple and easy to fathom.

Cross Wise Movement by Essay Writers and SEO Content Writers

Many content writing firms would have you believe that essay writing and writing content for SEO is same. However, as you most probably have already experienced, not many content writing companies can back their claims. The reason for this is simply that it takes a massive amount of effort and skill on the part of any writer to switch between essay writing and SEO content writing.

The only way writers can switch between the two forms of writing at will is if they have received formal education in the art of writing (read: mainstream courses in journalism, creative writing etc). Therefore, if you are looking to take on essay writers for your assignments, you should try to figure out if they have any formal education in writing backing them up.