Guidelines for Online Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers and Website Administrators for Their Viral Marketing Efforts

Since we emphatically claimed in our last post that Viral Marketing is nothing short of genius, we thought it would be good manners to help you to the road to genius. To put it a tad more idiomatically, why leave you shooting in the dark? Then again, when it comes to viral marketing, the gray is as far as we can take you unless of course you have some really crackling material in which case you don’t need any more help, your ads will take you pretty much everywhere. Such content for the web will have little difficulty finding a large following among users.

And I don’t just mean snappy videos, but also articles for SEO, given the right target audience. (Yes! Even SEO articles). Viral marketing does not necessarily need to reach out to a general audience when all you seek is popularity amongst a niche crowd. But it helps.

If you’re going to be shooting in the dark, then you employ the following SEO-seeking ballistics to hit the SERP bulls-eye.

Get Media Coverage

Not unlike link-building for content service, getting mentioned in the press for your content by having it noted as resource or a popular content will certainly help accrue and massive amount of referred traffic to your site in a short span of time. In fact it may even be as short as a day.

It only makes sense, the larger or more effective the network, the more likely your content is going to spread. Of course the catch is that you’ll need something really newsworthy or your site needs to have a great brand-value to get any possible mention in the media.

Look for Blogger Outreach

This is much similar to the previous point. Getting featured in popular blogs and their newsletters is again a great way to go about propagating your content. Now you may ask, why not propagate your websites regular content instead? You are after all link-building and conducting standard SEO procedures.

As true as that may be, ads or the viral content you come up with are veiled in the form of entertainment. They don’t just serve the purpose of making the user sample your content; they’re primarily intended to persuade the user to check out all the features of your site.

But of course, the biggest difference lies in the fact that viral content is meant to be passed on from one user to his/her vast network of other users. Plus they may quite often lead to build connection. Sometimes ingenuity is found in the simplest of methods too. It is advised that you keep track of the connections you may form and forge a proper relation with those bloggers and site administrators.

Improve Your Content’s ‘Shareability’

Your content while being available to the public must also be easy to share. How do you expect your content to get mass attention if there are no proper channels to help the mass spread it amongst itself? The ‘shareability’ of your content with proper call to action buttons like sharing in social media or posting in them are a constant reminder to the users to share it and might actually prompt them into doing so.

Try To Latch On To Any Traffic You May Get

Sustaining the rise in traffic after your content goes even a little bit viral is sometimes key to a campaign’s success. It is true that going viral is usually synonymous to an overnight popularity of the material. But your content may not spike in popularity the instant you release it. The overnight spike might happen sometime soon. But it is essential that your content stays in public light until it strikes that very point which turns it into a sensation.

You can contain the users visiting your site by making them avail your subscription, blogs or RSS feeds. Even if this doesn’t get your existing material to go viral, it will increase the odds of your future content getting noticed and becoming an instant sensation. As little as she was versed about SEO, we’ll paraphrase Emily Dickinson, “fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate”. Be it for movie stars or simple viral content for SEO.