Plus Why Indiscriminate SEO Is a Terrible Waste of Potential

One has to concede that the rules of SEO have gone through great many transformations. Be it organizations or individuals, many have attained a firm grasp on the rules of the game and in their efforts to trounce each other are consistently attempting various strategies. Some are new and some are rooted in old-school wisdom.

Most online business leaders are churning out great SEO content that is also well optimised. Even moderately good SEO content is optimised to a level that it becomes prominent in its reach. But this is where a flaw lies in the concept of optimization. Indiscriminate optimization somehow places all sorts of content on the same pedestal and, therefore, quite often marginally raises the value of moderate content and ironically devalues the worth and saleability of the aforementioned great SEO content. Calling a spade a spade, it’s a waste of potential. Since the SEO techniques are the same in both cases, it all becomes a question of sheer magnitude of optimization.

Going Back To the Basics

Great SEO ContentNow, It is generally a well noted business practice, that shopkeepers will place their most valued and attractive offering at such a corner of shop, where it instantly catches the eye of the customer. A majestic sedan will always be placed on a raised platform in the centre of the showroom.

The brightest diamond will be placed in a plush and ornate receptacle and be bathed in a beautiful light. The most valued object is showered with the greatest attention in selling it because customers and onlookers instantly identify and respect the trader in accordance with the best that he has to offer. This truism is well-founded in the SEO world as well.

Balancing Great SEO Content with Proper Marketing

Marketing great SEO contentIts worth pondering that great content will sell by itself given its inherent “greatness”, but you also forget that we live in an age where the Attention Deficit Disorder is a prevalent lifestyle. There is so much information floating around that is so overtly marketed and optimized that the audience barely buys into the need of the great SEO content. It is the blue bulb in a series of red one’s that catches your attention. It makes it apparent that there is indeed something different about the content.

This does not mean that you have to lower the SEO you perform on inferior content. That is just regressive and would mean underselling your product. You should rather try to enhance the SEO techniques you would perform on the content which you find superior. You can try to make it more receptive to search engines spider-texts, such that you attain the same level of SEO you get with your other regular content even without link-building.

Here are some methods through which you can achieve such optimization:

Establish Authorship Mark-ups

It is on good authority that Google is contemplating adding Author Ranks to its page ranking criterions. Implementing authorship mark-ups is simple and adds brand value to your name as well as that of your organization. This also makes it imperative that no matter how lacklustre Google Plus maybe. Writers have to become more active in their respective accounts. If you want to appease a demigod, you do it at his altar.

Another advantage is that, due to a name associated with your Great SEO Content, your future articles (and even your current ones) will attain greater back-links and develop a significant click through rate.

Better Page Titles

You might have the tendency of stuffing the titles of your regular pages with pickings from an extensive list of targeted words. But for Great SEO Content you really want to propagate, you should use custom made titles that are brief yet accurate in their description. This will also help in long-tail searches

You can also use these targeted keywords in the URLs since Google’s searches are accommodating enough to identify them.

Lengthy content

Lengthy or hefty content in any page bodes well for its ‘searchability’, be it technical writing or content writing. It is indicative of the amount of information the page will provide on the topic. It is also indicative of the research gone into amassing such data. Of course, this should not come at the cost of the quality. Here we go again with our trademark banter, you may think, but it’s actually for the sake of Great SEO Content.

Try to limit it to around 12 hundred words. Content services swear by the word count, but rather you should not get carried away to the point of being verbose. After all, you’re not writing an exam. Creative writing usually eschews verbosity but still has a great propensity stretch beyond a given limit.

Make an effort to link-out extensively

Link out to the sources you have absolute faith in. While you might do that normally, you should also take that extra effort to reach out to sources you don’t engage with that regularly (perhaps even freelance writers and ghost writers).

You may think it’s unnecessary but the fact is, since you are reaching out to them with Great SEO Content, you are not only helping in raising the visibility of the page a tad more but also coming with opportunities to establish connections with new sources. Moreover, considering the material you have on offer, they will gladly reciprocate. Whoever says no to caviar?