In the world of SEO, being selfless really does pay in the long term

In the real world, there are many cynics. Most people in the world are cynics and most of these cynics don’t believe in the concept of ‘karma’ i.e., what goes around comes around. In fact, most entrepreneurs and businesses believe that it is pointless to forward business to other companies, which is why they just focus on their own operations and clients. Anything beyond this tight purview and they just ignore it. However, in the online SEO world where ghost writers rule the roost and people look to buy content at a premium, contributing to the business community on the whole translates into contributing to one’s own future.

Now, entrepreneurs and ghost writers who have been brought up on old school concepts would frown at this concept like Hulk would frown at an anorexic cowboy trying to talk like Loki. The reason, as is simple, is that they believe in being selfish. Some of you with an open mind might wonder how sharing and caring applies to this line of online work. Well, today we try to spread the joy about spreading the joy and, in the process, earn some selfish brownie points (more on this later).

Facilitate Your Own Standing amongst Your Peer Ghost Writers by Helping Your  Industry

ghost writersWhen you come across a client who wants a specific ghost writing service that you can’t give him, simply turning away and specifying what you don’t provide is pointless even though it may not seem that way at first glance. If, instead of telling your client that you can’t provide that service, you forward him to a peer in the industry or even a competitor, the resulting appreciation from your client as well as appreciation from your industry peer will make your business much more memorable.

Effectively, the next time your peer comes across a similar situation he would forward the client to you. Even if he doesn’t, the client that you forwarded to your peer will remember you for your good business ethics and will have positive thoughts about the SEO industry on the whole. The all-encompassing result? Next time he wouldn’t hesitate in coming back to you and the industry.

Establishing an Emotional Connection Is the Best Brand Recall Possible

SEO contentMarketing has been described by experienced experts all over the world as an exercise in capturing the heart of the customer and using it as a stepping stone to reach his mind. What this, basically, means is that even though logic and common sense will help you, they would only be seen as logic and common sense, once your client’s heart is tuned to your words.

When you help out a client by forwarding him to another service provider in the same industry, you will be establishing an emotional connection with your client. Consider us, at the WordsManShip. We are a web content service company and don’t provide any SEO service apart from pure written content through our ghost writers, content writers, report writers, web content writers and other services associated with writing.

Now, when we get a client who wants SEO work done, we don’t turn them away, we forward them to SEO service providers in the industry. From our own experience, the clients we forward come back to us later to hire our ghost writers and we have even received work from the SEO service providers who we recommended. Win-win for everyone involved and that includes the clients folks!

Objective Should Be To Educate and Spread the Basic Tenets of the Industry

Even if you think that a client may not be interested in your specific services, its always good to inform and educate him on the basic tenets and benefits of your industry. What this means is that when you sell your industry as a whole, you also end up selling your services. If this is the case, then why should you only focus on yourself?

Again, let’s take our own example. Many clients that we come across know that they need ghost writers for SEO but don’t really understand what it means. When we educate them on their prospects not just through SEO content but also through other SEO techniques, their eyes open wide with dollar signs.

After all, which sane entrepreneur can resist the lure of the kind of conversion rates that ghost writers can bring in for a website, these days? Now, we do this and we know for a fact that some SEO service providers do this as well. Imagine if everyone involved in the SEO industry did this. Work would flow and the grumpy children of the SEO world may start smiling again with their bellies full.