A Lesson About the Common Pratfalls You May Commit While Link Building

There is a very pernicious attitude towards link building with SEO content writing, which is that Link building is all about magnitude. Link building, as a ‘concept’, much like every other concept known to man, has a general number of misconceptions associated with it. One of these misconceptions is that the final outcome comes down to how many links you are able to procure for the site. Wrong.

The Age Old Concept of Quality vs. Quantity

link-building-seo content writingVast link building is of course important but due regard has to be given to the efficacy of the process. A large investment of your time and effort should, at the very least, bring about equally great results. Otherwise it would be a great waste of potential, of the links as well as the SEO content writing.

There are various elements which administrators ignore and hope to compensate with just ‘link building’. If that alone were enough to salvage a website, link building would have spawned its own industry by now. Truth is that it works in synergy with various other strategies. Think of it this way, word of mouth or marketing alone cannot deliver a great theatre experience can it? There are various elements inside and outside of a movie that entices the audience. Similarly, a website too has to collate and synergise a number of elements to provide a more efficient form of SEO.

Many tricks and strategies for efficient Link building which we, at the WordsManShip, have general faith in, have already been spelt out in our previous blog entries. These you will get plenty in many other sites. But, the following are the common pratfalls that we’ve seen quite websites commit.

Ignoring SEO Content Writing Due To Blind Faith in Link-Building

SEO Content WritingContent and SEO exist on different planes and you need to pay attention to both. You can manage a constant traffic and efficient rate of back-links only if you can provide a steady stream of content which can make your audiences keep coming back to you. A proper SEO content writing strategy has to be in place to give your website good ‘heft’. You can sustain your links only if the websites you associate with believe that they can gain something through this association.

This is especially true for websites which barter content as service, which is possible only if your content is enticing enough for the audience. SEO content writing should not just generate some modicum of content delivered sporadically, but a properly scheduled and planned chain of content that the audience may expect a while later and identify your website with. Rectify this, even if it means you have to buy content. Web content services these days offer variety in creative content.

A small footnote – we are not talking about link-baits. Over-do it and your website will be labelled soporific and repetitive over time.

Undefined Goals

Many websites like to plunge in to the SEO game freestyle. Whatever profit and link-building that comes their way is good for business. Again, Wrong!

To wander blindly in the cut-throat world of SEO is, for the lack of a better term, bad business and plain stupid. Aimlessly link-building about without focusing on SEO Content Writing would mean

  1. You are link-building with the wrong people who in all certainty have no access to the target audience of your desire, by which we mean type and magnitude
  2. You are wasting opportunities, potential and time. With a clear set of goals, you could identify or even produce opportunities that might instantly propel your web traffic
  3. You have no idea what to expect of your business and how to evolve it

Improper Utility of Resources

Spreading your resources too thin is common failing of most link-building processes. Link building is a complex process. The organization should devote adequate time, attention and most importantly, man-power on strategising and to the element of SEO Content Writing. The process itself is an intensive and cumbersome one and the more resources you invest in it, the faster you will realize your goals.

Inadequate Uses of Marketing Channels

Traditional link-building can get you only so far. You have to make use of a variety of media and marketing strategies to hook your target audience. SEO content writing and social media is always a good start. The idea is to achieve multiple goals in a single campaign itself. When you do it, it is better to get it right in one shot!