Some Strategies against Google’s Various Mood Fits

Petruchio: Come, come, you wasp, i’faith you are too angry.

Katherine: If I be waspish, best beware my sting.

Petruchio: My remedy is then to pluck it out.

Katherine: Ay, if the fool could find where it lies.

Petruchio: Who knows not where a wasp does wear his sting? In his tail.

Katherine: In his tongue.

Petruchio: Whose tongue?

Katherine: Yours, if you talk of tales, and so farewell.

Petruchio: What, with my tongue in your tail?

This of course is an extract from the Bard’s own Taming the Shrew and bears a fitting allusion to Google. (It’s kind of true when they say that the themes in Shakespeare’s plays are universal in nature.) How shall we put it delicately? Google is at times, difficult, when it comes to SEO articles, especially as business strategies become more labyrinthine and competition more rapier. Google often puts up shrewish and moody fits and we in the world of SEO articles are periodically subjected to a world of misery.

We are not just referring to the diabolical rolling algorithmic updates that are ironically named after adorable critters that Google unleashes on us, we also mean the replication of dominance of ad-words in searches, the usage of ad-words to find high paying industries and cut down middle men, by-passing of search within search etc. Tongue, Tail, this wasp wears its sting pretty much everywhere.

Petruchio and KatherineWe concede that some changes are for the better and make the system far more efficient but there exists the displacement of one SEO article strategy over another in rapid succession. With the rules of the game changing this quickly, it becomes difficult to monitor and revamp your own strategy to suit the erstwhile need. And what is the point of coming up with strategies and tactics to just tackle the problem at hand? It becomes infuriating when you come up with an elaborate strategy only to have it sink to obsolescence due to another of Google’s “improvements”. Considering the innovation legion at Larry Page’s and Sergei Brin’s employ, the SEO article business changes like an adolescent stuck in perennial puberty.

Now, the title of this entry may give you the impression that we will dole out tips to counter these changes. Close, but not in the strictest sense since it’s difficult for anyone to anticipate the various vicissitude of the SEO world. These tips have to be seen more as measures that might inoculate your website to these changes.

Brand Building

brand_buildingForging a brand identity is one of those long term strategies which will get you through any form of SEO maelstrom. By establishing a brand identity you won’t have to rely wholly on Google and your SERP’s. Employ web content services, buy web content if the need be, but once you’ve established a brand identity for yourself, you will gain an instant visibility through your content, audiences will return to your website automatically. Besides, content for the web comes cheap these days anyway.

Furthermore, as word of mouth spreads about your site, you won’t be completely reliant on a search engine intermediary for your traffic. Writers, (may be not SEO article writers or technical writers) SEO bloggers and columnists etc. can start by employing authorship mark-ups.

Of course, when we say long term, we mean it in two ways. While this shields your website for a long while, it will take a great investment of time for the brand to attain the following and image that you’re aiming for. (There is a punch line in here somewhere about a beast with two backs, but it somehow seems to escape me)

The Ad-Words Game

Google is gradually laying emphasis on Ad-words, now more so than before considering they are a key. It is advised that you strengthen your online advertising, especially targeting a niche set of audience that your website may be aimed at. Mind you, the relation between advertising and SEO articles is growing more intense by the second.

Ad-words are particularly scrutinised for their quality score and are a well affected SEO technique. Traditional form of SEO in this sense is still to be usurped in its efficiency. You will have to try hard to acquire more customers while still cutting back on your costs. This will be a primary indicator of your success in the game.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Acquiring a loyal tribe of visitors is more important than seeking out new ones. It ensures that you are catering well to your niche and your niche audience identifies as well as trusts your brand adequately. It is wiser to steadily acquire a consistent (and sizeable) traffic for your site than just scouting for stray spikes in it.

Try to find out what proportion of your traffic is not converting into regulars and how you can remedy it with your content while retaining your focus on SEO articles. You can also try polling your sites regulars about what they like and what kind of changes they may like to see. Of course, don’t be too persistent. Lack of incessant polling may be one of your site’s plus points.

Remember, a loyal audience is a powerful key for sustained Search Engine Optimization.

Leveraging Emerging Markets With Top End SEO Articles

SEO ArticlesReaching for business abroad makes you an international entity. And that means something even in a place like the cyber-world. Not only will you boost your standing in search engines, you will be expanding your business (another example of the two backed beastie punch line).

It is even better if these are markets are bereft of Google’s overwhelming dominance.

The only catch is, coupled with the language barriers; this may turn out to be quite arduous. Then again, how else do you tame a shrew?