There Is a Lot of Potential with Technorati But Also Many Difficulties

Now, you might think what is a blog search engine doing in our on-going SWOT analysis series of great article directories, but the fact is that one of the world’s foremost blog search engines automatically becomes a coveted platform for posting content for article writers. The site is a supposed Mecca for the content service industry and bloggers alike.

The Strengths of Technorati that Article Writers can Leverage

article writersFrom articles about Search Engine Optimization to videos of celebrities caterwauling, the site provides a diverse assortment of content presented regardless of the kind of news that it provides. Therefore, all professional article writers with the right touches (within legal confines) can quickly scrounge a position high up in the listing. Furthermore, the said content of writing just has to feature in the list of articles since the categories section lies at the bottom of the page and doesn’t advertise itself much.

The site also displays the search engine rating that the article has been able to conjure. This detail can be of great help in enticing possibly curious readers. Additionally, the site also provides stocks on which blog has risen or lost out in terms of popularity. This is a section in the site you quickly want to be mentioned in.

To top all its merits, Technorati notches up a whooping Google Page Rank of 8. This is the kind of figure that sites covet and business oriented sites would like to ally with. The formidable combo of search engine and article directory assures the fact that this is a website where businesses will attract the right kind of audience.

The Weaknesses of Technorati

article writersTechnorati, due to its sheer popularity finds it affordable to let the article writers fend for themselves. After their 2009 move to stop indexing blogs that are not in English, myriads of blogs in regional languages were left in the lurch.

And if you operate in the same manner, your content (especially if it’s amateur in its effort) will barely fetch you the response that you are scouring for. There are thousands of defunct blogs in the site as testimony to this fact.

Technorati has in the past received flak for being a PR tool for public relations firm Edelman which came to head in its 2006 fake blog scandal. The deal was terminated shortly thereafter, but the website is yet to be free itself from the taint it acquired with that incident.

The Opportunities with Technorati

The high page rank of the site ensures that your popularity within the site will shade off to other search engines as well. And by ensuring that your content climbs the ranks in Technorati, you will be able to catch the attention of the niche clientele that looks for great business at professional places. SEO articles and professional article writers should be fairly quick in racking up the needed traffic.

The Threats (Issues) With Technorati

Considering the wide popularity of the site and its very own article directory, it will be a tough job getting to the top of the randomly assorted list of articles. Since the site barely provides much in the way of topping a category list, article writers will need to fashion their content in such a way that it has great generic appeal.

Since the site is its own search engine and assessor of the popularity of articles, you need to design SEO content specifically aimed at Technorati and need to be acquainted with how to tackle the hurdles the site will present you with.