Even Though the Website Is Not Without Its Flaws, Its Domineering Internet Presence As Well As the Liberty It Provides Its Users Is Undeniable

In every industry, there are leaders and there are revolutionaries. Enterprises armed with such an idea that that they take the industry by storm and change its conventions and practices for good. was one such enterprise for the copy writing service industry. The website along with (which we’ll review in our following entries) made the concept of revenue sharing an internet rage and stirred up a ruckus in the SEO and content writing industry. It revolutionized content service and the incumbent monetary system of forming content for the web. Needless to say Squidoo started it all and is yet to be usurped from its perch.

The Strengths of Squidoo for a Copy Writing Service

copy writing serviceWith a page rank of 7 and an Alexa rating of 212 Squidoo, in its popularity, is second to none but which is not far off with a rating of 131. This, by default renders, it the most popular revenue sharing article directory out there.

When Squidoo started, it introduced the concept of ‘lenses’ and ‘lensmasters’ which was a fancy way of saying you could create your own web pages in the site and control great many elements in it. It goes without saying that this liberty makes for a great platform to advertise your copy writing service or any other business. The site also offers a great variety of ‘lenses’ (categories) to explore.

The additional facet of being able to incorporate any form of media in your page makes it accommodating for all sorts of businesses and doesn’t limit your content to essay writing. This offers immeasurable number of ways to innovatively advertise your ideas.

No wonder the site managed to garner over 100,000 users in its first six months itself. This was a figure which multiplied geometrically over the following years. Prospective users can check out the content that is up for display in the site to get an idea of the variety of ways users have presented their ideas. It’s eclectic, innovative and out rightly professional.

The Weaknesses of Squidoo

copy writing serviceThe site may provide a lot of options and liberties to its users, but it withholds some major incentives, the foremost of which is the reduced ability to provide your business links or other links to your site. Your content may advertise your copy writing service as much as it wants but your clientele will have to seek it outside of the site. This also means that you cannot exactly gauge the conversion rate of your page or know what sort of improvements your content needs.

You do get feedback, but business is what you seek isn’t it?

The site may also provide high royalties on the revenue it makes from your content (50% in fact) but users will soon come to understand that the royalties are pretty meager. They will not add up to the thousands you hope it might. The amount is greatly predicated on the number of hits you may get.

While there is a page list of popular content, the site doesn’t emphasize on user recognition or celebration. The user is defined by the current content. If brand establishment and recognition is what a user looking for, it’s scanty in Squidoo.

The Opportunities with Squidoo

Due to the vast popularity of the site, there is no denying the fact that appropriately fashioned content will instantly attract a lot of page hits. Considering that you get to use many forms of media in your pages, your content will have greater scope in attracting the right kind of visitors (and maybe even some scope to go viral). Niche audience or general, the following that you will amass will be in high numbers. Added to this, you will be prominently visible in major search engines.

The site also advertises its popular content for the day. Managing such a label for your content will significantly propel your copy writing service quite far.

The Threats (issues) with Squidoo

There is also a factor of content retaining its popularity in any website. This cannot be guaranteed in Squidoo owing to the fact that it doesn’t promote its authors and contributors much. Your content might see a spike in popularity one day which may, just as abruptly, plummet the next day.

One also has to mention the competition you will face in the site. Without the right kind of content you will face a threat of fading into obscurity in a very short span of time. It is advised that you take due regard and care in fashioning your content. You should consider soliciting outside to gain from a good copy writing service and sustain popularity in the site if you don’t feel you are equipped for the task.