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Media BuyingIn the world of internet marketing, the most dominant way of getting things done is through SEO. With SEO you get more exposure, your rank goes up, and you get more traffic which leads to more profit.

However, major search engines have a habit of constantly changing in the effort of making things easier for users at the expense of the convenience of anyone doing internet based marketing businesses like affiliate marketing and others.

However, there is a way for marketers to not have to rely on SEO too much, since an alternative method which is similar to SEO but with less hassle, does exist. This alternative method is called Media Buying.


By optimizing the ways with which your site can achieve exposure with search engines, SEO grants incredible access to high search engine ranks and abundant traffic in your sites. This is done through a number of ways, but essentially the main concern is to convince search engines that you are not a waste of time for users.

As you can imagine, this takes quite a bit of careful maneuvering on your part as you will really have to fulfill a number of conditions before you are even considered. These days, you have to have good content, a presentable website, and a lot of respectable links. Even though the work is tedious, the rewards of a perfectly executed SEO strategy are great.

Media Buying

Media BuyingThen we have media buying which performs a lot like SEO, but with a greatly reduced amount of trouble. This is because unlike SEO, media buying only involves the purchasing of space on an already active website for advertising purposes, thus having a portal of access for potential buyers without having to rely on search engines.

The part where you no longer have to rely much on search engines in order to get people to enter your site is of particular advantage to marketers and would definitely be quite enticing. If combined with SEO, you can just imagine what you can achieve.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, to name just one aspect of internet business ventures, runs with SEO as much as anything else. However, since it acts like a bridge between two eventual points, it involves far less trouble than actually selling products. On the flip side though, it then becomes more difficult to convince search engines that you are worth high ranks since you are just a middleman.

But by using media buying along with your usual SEO practices, you get an extra layer of protection against being completely erased from the spectrum. Visitors of related sites which you bought advertising space from can simply click on the image that will lead them to you.

Some Downsides

As ideal as media buying might be in some points, it has to be mentioned that it does come with some negatives. For one, it costs money, which is really not that much of a shocker considering that you are buying advertising space. But depending on the size or your niche, it can cost quite a bit.

Also, in order for people to actually get interested in anything these days, you have to make the image actually attractive. Which means you have to put in extra effort to make your image catch the eyes of people, otherwise it’s just a wasted investment. If you are not very good with designing things, this could mean even more money.

Finally, just the media by itself is not enough to get you where you would want to go. Remember that you are relying on someone else’s site, a site that a number of people might never find. So dropping SEO altogether and simply relying on the media you bought can be a bad idea.