In spite of limited geographical reach, the site has become one of the fastest growing websites in the world

Launched all the way back in 1994 and re-launched in 2008 has come a long way. After its quick makeover, it immediately became an internet goliath. The site has a memorable and catchy domain name which is the envy of most other websites (website owners know what a traffic pheromone, a great name can be).

It is one of the most popular article directories in the world and its SEO stats and, in one way, tower high above all its contemporaries. Yet it lags behind the giants like eHow and Squidoo primarily because of its ‘No-follow’ aspect which can discourage a marketing content writer. All things considered, the site, with some slight tweaks holds the potential to gallop ahead of its competitors. Here’s how it fares in our analysis.

Strengths of for a Marketing Content Writer

marketing content is one of the few article directories to have three-digit Alexa rating but its most astounding statistic is that it possesses a Google page rank of 8. This is higher than any of it prime rivals, including the leader of them all, Such a rating reflects the general popularity of the site which in turn means that any content posted here will be quick to pop up in Google.

The homepage of the site is uncluttered and brief, which is unusual for any article directory since most such sites usually want to present all their content on the front page itself at all costs.

The site is also one of the most professional blogs out there as any marketing content writer would attest. The quality of content you get here may not be absolutely impeccable but it skims close to it. Once you build up a good reputation for yourself, your opinion shall receive good attention and traffic.

Along with this it is ultra-popular in the US and Canadian market, so businesses trawling for clients specifically in those two countries should consider it seriously. Plus, considering that the site gained its ranking solely by capturing these two markets speaks volumes of the gob smacking popularity of the site.

Weaknesses of

marketing content writerThe geography specific strength of is also its Achilles heel. Since it primarily caters to the US and Canadian market, it alienates marketing content writers who are looking to expand their business in other markets.

The site also has a No-follow feature, which restricts the possibilities of extensively advertising your business on a direct level. You can get the word around about your enterprise, but the lack of adequate backlinks may be the gulf that prevents readers from turning into prospective clients.

In spite of the quality of content on the site, has often come under fire for material that has now and then been derided as incompetent and lacking in direction. The content has been criticized for inaccuracy and inadequate attribution. But then again, so has Wikipedia. This can be brushed off as the result of a quick surge in popularity.

Also, any marketing content writer willing to contribute to the site should know beforehand that remuneration for the said content service or SEO content will be very paltry.

The Opportunities with

Your business assuredly will bloom in the US and Canadian market if you advertise it on The Google page rank of the site makes the content more suitable for reaching out to the generic masses.

If you chisel your content appropriately, you could advertise your business and uphold the benchmark of the content in the site as well. A marketing content writer or a technical writer should not have much difficulty in adhering to the said benchmark. Your content needs to be short and to the point. Brevity is a quality this site really pushes.

The site also has a separate video portal for businesses that want to persuade its clientele with visuals. Since this exists independently, it becomes even easier to disseminate.

The Threats (issues) with

You will have to seek out other outlets to advertise your content outside of USA and Canada. Not that the site does not have a following outside of these markets, but the fact is its readership primarily exists in these two regions only.

The competition you are bound to face from scores of other marketing content writers that has is also an impediment that cannot be quickly remedied. You can try hiring professional content writing services or solicit help from ghost writers. Such experts are bound to have a substantial following and would know how to polish your content as well.