Once there was a coveted land of plenty, now there is nothing but ashes and dust

Are there any web copy writers on the internet who have not heard of the name Buzzle? Can any of you claim to be more than 15 and below 60 and not know of Buzzle? Highly unlikely. We, at the WordsManShip, thought long and hard whether we should review in our ongoing Best Article Directories Analysis Series which last saw being tested.

The reason why we were so unsure about doing a SWOT analysis of Buzzle was how far it has come from being one of the article directory behemoths for internet marketing professionals, article marketing companies and article writing services. However, we came to the conclusion that the good and the bad of the article directory world needs to be reviewed, especially if its page rank is 6 [Update: 5]. So, here we go.

The Strengths of Buzzle for Web Copy Writers

Buzzle logoIf you run an article writing company or are one of the many web copy writers online then you may have come across clients who came with an explicit request to use Buzzle in their internet marketing strategies. There are two reasons why clients are so big on Buzzle and these are its rankings and its already well established reputation. Buzzle has a Google page rank of 6 and its pedigree is further augmented by an Alexa rating of 2,001.

However, more than all these ratings and ranks, the main reason why many clients categorically ask for Buzzle to have some of their SEO articles is the kind of reputation that Buzzle had only an year or so ago when it was the gloried child of the article marketing golden age.

The Weaknesses of Buzzle

web copy writersBuzzle was huge before the Panda update rolled out. Unfortunately, like a lot of article marketing directories, the Panda update ended up killing Buzzle standings as well. [update: Buzzle has since recovered, more or less]What followed was one of the biggest faux pas, at least from the internet marketing viewpoint, known in the world of web copy writers ever. Buzzle implemented a large scale review of its content and ended up removing all marketing based articles while, at the same time, bringing about a policy change where it now allows no hyperlinks anywhere on its website.

That’s right folks, no links anywhere in the article, in a resource box or even the author bio. Zip links, zip page ranking potential and zip click through traffic. This is the biggest weakness of Buzzle, especially for web copy writers. It is no longer useful for article marketers and, in fact, since its reviews has seen a mass exodus of internet marketing experts and SEO articles writers from its database. If you are not getting either link juice or click through traffic then why would you bother with an article directory like Buzzle?

The Opportunities with Buzzle

The only thing Buzzle can be vaguely good for is writing for fun or writing for practice. If you one of those web copy writers who don’t have enough work and are so downtrodden that they need to spend some recreational time writing then Buzzle is for you. All this amounts to one thing.

There are virtually no opportunities for any article marketing company, article writing service provider, internet marketing professional, affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur when it comes to Buzzle. Turn away, turn about and go home, there is nothing so see here.

The Threats (Problems) Related To Buzzle

The threats section of the SWOT analysis of Buzzle would be quite redundant for SEO articles writers, web copy writers, and internet marketing experts. Even so, just in case, we have managed to gather followers who are not from the internet marketing world (pigs will fly), here it is. When you create an account with Buzzle and apply to become an author, you will have to wait around two to three days. Subsequently, when you start posting content, you would have to wait a day or two for approval.

The content is well segregated but, as mentioned earlier, they do not allow a single hyperlink anywhere. We think your time and money towards internet marketing can be spent on anything else except paying to get SEO articles uploaded on Buzzle or doing it yourself.