While Not Considered In the Top Ten Article Directories, Ezinemark Is Well On Its Way There

We, at the WordsManShip, have been doing SWOT analyses of article directories for unique article writers with this being the ninth edition of the ongoing series. In the previous edition, we did a review of, an article directory that is on the decline with respect to internet marketing and the use of SEO articles to create backlinks. Now, we have set our scope on, an article directory which is on the up. Here is what we think of it.

The Strengths of Ezinemark for Unique Article Writers

EzinemarkEzinemark is an article directory that boasts of, according to our humble opinion, one of the cleanest home pages in the article directory segment. Its home page is clean, uncluttered and contains clear instructions and directions to article writing service providers and internet marketing experts on how to upload SEO articles.

The website, in addition to this, boasts of a decent Google page rank of 4 and an Alexa rating of 4,934. These numbers, as on the time of this review, easily put Ezinemark in the top 15 article directories active on the internet right now.

It is also worth mentioning that the turnaround time of Ezinemark is fairly small as articles get reviewed and published well before 48 hours from the point of their submission. This is something that unique article writers will really enjoy.

The Weaknesses of Ezinemark

unique article writerWhile there are not many weaknesses of Ezinemark, there is one very glaring anomaly that needs to be given due attention. Even though we have not come across this problem personally, there are reports on the internet amongst unique article writers, internet marketers, and content or article writing companies that Ezinemark has a tendency to take articles on the internet and post it, itself.

However, the website plays it safe by opening an account in the name of the unique article writer if there are any formal complaints or notice of infringements. After the new user account is opened and turned over to the actual author of the articles, it is up to him to delete it or keep it.

A certain type of shifty behavior to say the least but, at least, it is few and far between and they try to abide by the laws. Do not be surprised if you suddenly become an Ezinemark author without your volition.

The Opportunities with Ezinemark

As mentioned above, the website is one of the better designed article directories on the internet, which brings its own indirect benefits.

Additionally, the SEO articles that you will be publishing on Ezinemark can contain one link within the body of the text. Furthermore, this can be further augmented by unique article writers with two links in the author bio section.

Once the SEO articles are uploaded, you can, of course, get the benefit of the websites decent Google page rank. Its Alexa ratings reveal a decent amount of traffic as well, so you can expect significant click through traffic as well. Ezinemark also requires authors to provide a summary.

The Threats (Catch) With Ezinemark

There are barely any threats or catches pertaining to posting SEO articles on Ezinemark or hiring an article marketing company to do it for you, apart from the above mentioned fact that Ezinemark tends to be a little too proactive about gathering authors.

The Google page rank of Ezinemark is not smashing and can only be described as ‘decent’. What this means is that if the projects that you hire unique article writers for are small in size and number then you may do better by focusing on article directories with better page ranks.

On the other hand, if you are interested in hiring an article marketing company, like us, for a bulk project, then you should indeed consider Ezinemark as one of the twenty or thirty or so article directories that you are targeting.