A stalwart among article directories, Suite101 may not head the pack but has a following that just won’t quit

Started in 1996, Suite101 would seem like the grand-old daddy of article directories. The site took almost a decade to hit it big and through slow perseverance, has amassed a wide and expansive following amongst web copy writers. Perseverance we say, because few other sites could survive a staggering 60% loss in readership after the infamous Panda update. The site soon wised up and sprung back on its feet. At present it boasts of over 8 million unique visitors per month and has expanded its lingual reach to German, French as well as Spanish. Of course, in spite of its popularity, the site has its infirmities. Why else do you think it’s still not at the top yet?

The Strengths of Suite101 That Web Copy Writers Can Use

suite101Suite101 is a collaborative publishing site which means that a contributor will be paid in proportion to the advertisement revenue that the article generates.

The site has a stringent applicant approval process which may sound like a weakness but guarantees the coherence of language and content in its articles. While users have the liberty to contribute articles, it is regularly monitored by editors who will help in ameliorating the quality of the content. The retention of quality in its articles is one of the prime reasons behind the site’s success; and users will learn that it’s by riding on this reputation that their articles will also gain great popularity. Added to this, the site has a Google page rank of 6 and an Alexa rating of 2,584, which has is should provide reasonably high SEO leverage.

The site’s page is pretty immaculate and boasts of a wide plethora of topics for web copy writers to make use of. These topics are standard and not off-kilter like what other directories tend to offer. We, at the WordsManShip, may advocate innovation but we also commend elegance in simplicity when we see it.

The page is also easy on the eyes and the content is simple to chart through. If you follow our blogs, ‘Uncluttered’ was again a characteristic we appreciated in an otherwise deigning review of

Suite101 has also has a quality rare to find on the web these days. The site steers clear of the bane that is internet trolls. Since the site is constantly monitored and edited, the forums and discussions are mostly clean and devoid of unpleasant banter from trolls.

The Weaknesses of Suite101

web copy writersEven if your articles do become wildly popular in Suite101, the page will not accrue the same popularity in here as compared to posting the same article on leading platforms. The difference will actually be quite apparent to seasoned web copy writers. The same is the case with the revenue generated through ads. The articles posted in Suite101 do not earn the same revenue as the same content posted in a different website, in spite of having similar number of hits.

The site will also try to limit your content to 400-500 words. This is the limit usually prescribed by the editors of the site. While one may appreciate their emphasis on brevity, one has to consider the fact that advertising your business through limited content space is rather restrictive.

To provide a more holistic perspective on things, being constantly overseen by an editor can at times be a pest. Catering to the editor’s whims and demands might, at times, take a chunk out of your productivity.

The site also provides little recognition to contributors, web copy writers, and editors. This is again restrictive if you want to promote your business because authorship is really imperative for such goals.

The Opportunities with Suite101

The site provides wonderful opportunities for Search Engine Optimization. In fact Suite101 encourages it. Contributors have the liberty to attach three or four links in a single entry itself.

Since the links are “do follow” in nature, the user should have no trouble procuring a decent number of back-links. This is particularly useful for aspiring web copy writers.

By soliciting the help of appropriate article marketing services and SEO article writing services, you can quickly capture the audience’s attention without having to go through the motions of gaining the site’s slowly accrued approval and popularity.

The Threats (Issues) With Suite101

The authorship issues with Suite101 may be one of its primary undoing. As we maintain, lack of authorship recognition is simply unacceptable for any internet marketing professional. There is little else that a user would crave (except for increased revenue). This would particularly be a problem for budding online entrepreneurs. However, soliciting help from article marketing companies can help such people.

A web copy writer would also find the limited content space an impediment to work with. One has to surmise that the site became more stringent after the ‘Panda punch’ that it had to weather after the update kicked in. Crisp and polished content is what a user would require.