How an Important Concept of Internet Marketing Like Guest Blogging Can Come To Embody the Industry Itself

Since the penny was dropped by Google in the form of Panda and Penguin updates, the concept of guest blogging has gained even more importance in the marble halls of internet marketing. In pre animal update days, people valued guest blogging as one of those aristocratic forms of article marketing which were used only by highly principled online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. However, nowadays, guest blogging is being adopted by virtually every internet marketer, online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer and article marketing service.

Panda and Penguin Updates, Resounding Successes

Looking at the trends, it is more than evident that Panda and Penguin updates from Google managed to do exactly what Google wanted them to do i.e. encourage webmasters, online entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, internet marketers and SEO content providers to focus more on high quality content. As mentioned earlier, there is a higher level of circulation of guest posts since the updates. There is an increase in coordination between various blogs in exchange of content and hyperlinks.

A Higher Number of Clients Asking For Guest Blogs

Guest-blogging-successFrom our own article writing service perspective, we have noted a significant change in the behavior of clients. More and more of our clients are categorically asking for content to be written with the view for guest blogging use. While, for us, this does not influence much in terms of operational change because we always maintained the quality of our content at those levels, it is still a significant specification from clients who, earlier, would generally ask for just SEO articles or SEO content.

Even though we do not have highly trained behavioral experts, this simply shows us that clients, themselves, are becoming more conscious of how to use the content. Therefore, in our humble opinion, Penguin and Panda have not only affected established methods but are also affecting ingrained and usually hard to dislodge mindsets.

Increased Requests for Posting Guest Blogs on Our CEO Blog

guest blogging businessAnother crucial trend since these Google updates which were quite divisive in the internet marketing community is an increased request from all kinds of sources for guest posts on our own CEO Blog. There is, at least, a 30 to 40 percent increase in the requests that we have received for guest posts on our blog. While it is true that these numbers are more ball park than inch perfect, they can still reveal a trend.

You may state that you have not seen a rise in the number of guest posts on our blog but that is only because increased number of requests does not mean that the quality has improved. [Update] On the contrary, as guest blogging becomes more popular, its quality is steadily declining. In fact, it has come to a point where many established experts are even calling time on the entire concept of guest blogging [Update End]. It has As a content writing and article marketing service, it is imperative for us to maintain a certain level of content quality. After all, nobody wants to be a moron or, for that matter, an oxymoron. A content writing service that posts poor content on its blog is just that, an oxymoron.

Will There Be More Updates Rolled Out By Google that will Affect Guest Blogging?

The month in which Google is most likely to roll out paradigm changing updates is just past i.e. August. There were three major changes in this period. These were penalties for repeated copyright violators by Google praised by most article writers, changing search results to seven per page for certain keywords and an update for Panda which did not result in groundbreaking changes.

The window for such changes is till September and since the month is half gone, we believe that the changes are done for now. Still, we believe a disclaimer pointing to Google’s inherently unpredictable nature is in order.