The site conflates a sea of humble aspects to get a superior and popular whole

Update: has been shutdown because of the changing trends of content marketing on the internet and possibly to preempt future Google algorithm updates. is a stalwart in the article directory game which hardly goes to say it’s an industry leader; it just says that it’s been in the game longer than most have. The site’s SEO stats are veritable but not enough to solicit any envy. In fact, the same goes for most other aspects related to the site. One can only surmise, that the confluence of these elements have contributed to the site’s moderately high page rank.

Strengths of Ideamarketers in Terms of Ghost Writing

IdeaMarketers ghost writingIdeamarketers offers many services that ideally should be provided with an article directory. These services are not obligatory but the people behind Ideamarketers had the perceptive business sense to integrate them in the site. The site offers tools like ghost writers, Expert opinions, Newsletter builder etc. which can help you package your content better.

The site also provides users the opportunity to get listed as experts, if you justify your expertise. This qualifies as an excellent form of authorship recognition as well. Furthermore, the site provides additional authorship recognition by employing different (read fun) forms of author rating systems, which we’ll let you discover yourself. In addition to this, it is useful for people affiliated with the media industry, as it allows access to various press releases and various media news.

Incidentally, have we mentioned the vastness of Ideamarketers’ subject categories? The site’s list of topics in each and every subject is expansive. You are presented with topics which you never knew even existed. This should be indicative of the site’s accommodation of unique subjects. Maybe the list is not as exhaustive as we claim it to be. But the fact is; the number of sub-topics you can explore is overwhelming.

Weaknesses of Ideamarketers

ghost writing backlinksIdeamarketers’ homepage can encourage no potential user to explore it. The page itself is a vast assortment of article from random topics just strewn about, in no general order. The list of categories is inconspicuous at the bottom of the page and the page epitomizes ‘haphazard’. The organization of the page makes you wonder, however will any reader notice any article?

All things considered, Ideamarketers’ has an inferior SEO static. It has an Alexa page rank close to 4,400 and a Google page rank of 4. The popularity of the site is a different aspect altogether, but when it comes to influencing the SERP of your content, chances are that you might get trounced pretty quickly.

Opportunities with Ideamrketers

Given the ghost writing feature as well as other content building services that you can avail from the site, your content can be fashioned more coherently. You can design and model your articles according to the needs of your business and the appeal and reach of your target audience. Ideamarketers has its own article management services which it offers to potential internet marketers. However, it is important to note that we, still, recommend that potential clients compare multiple other SEO article writing services so as to find the best solution possible.

The authorship recognition of the site can be its most propitious aspect. If you manage to get yourself enlisted as an expert and are further reviewed by your users, your following is bound to expand exponentially. As we keep repeating, nothing is better for your business than the respect of your peers.

Threats (Issues) With Ideamarketers

Due to the site’s rather inconvenient homepage, one will have to take great pains to be featured in a convenient location, which is usually nearer to the top of the page. You will also have to ensure that you are reviewed by as many users as possible which of course circles back to the same problem of getting noticed. It is advised that you seek out content services and SEO article writing services, not just recommended by the site, but the ones you trust.