Our Weakness Section is Almost-Crock is an internet anomaly when it comes to content writing. A website with impressive enough SEO stats to occupy a higher position than it already does (update: PR 5 achieved), in the list of popular article directories. Not that it’s lagging in popularity, but considering what the site seems to offer, one can only wonder if it is selling itself short. Without giving away a fair bit of our review, we believe it would suffice to say that the site should have ratcheted up more visitors than many of its inferior content writing repository contemporaries, including some sites we’ve reviewed. Then again, we might know why it didn’t.

Strengths of Brighthub Content Writing

bright-hub Content WritingBrighthub is not your average content writing site. It primarily caters to business and associated practices. It may offer insights into other subjects as well, but Brighthub was specifically created for a business and job oriented target audience such as would-be entrepreneurs and corporate employees.

This is a fact, so why does this qualify as a strength? Maybe it’s because we believe few niche sites attain this much popularity (the site’s visitors were over 800,000 the last time we checked). We also believe that the audience the site caters to is not niche at all. Plus, it offers the same kind of content we believe most of our clients and visitors barter in as well, making it a propitious platform to scout for business.

The site is also pretty fastidious when it comes to choosing its writers and the kind of content it provides. Such quality control assures that being a part of the site’s coterie (it may be larger too) of writers will cement your reputation in the market. As an added incentive, you are also paid a fair amount for your content.

Brighthub has very limited topics as well (compared to the rest). This might as well be the only instance that limited content writing topics qualify as strength. Instead of stretching a given subject into great many sub-topics, the site keeps it simple and maintains a very neat page. In a sense, simplicity too is brighthub’s virtues. Few other sites offer the same amount of content while keeping the designer’s dignity intact. The pages are barely the crowded ‘Spotting Waldo’ eyesore exercises that many article directories tend to be.

Weaknesses of Brighthub

Content Writing BacklinksThis is not the site’s weakness as much as our readers’ inconvenience. A fair number of you reading this review will have no reason to associate with Brighthub. Yes, the site is mostly about businesses and you may be running one yourself, but given the site’s limited variety in type of content, who is to say you might find your desired target audience here?

Authorship for content writing is not a problem with the site, but then again, it is not celebrated either. Without added perks, your name is just a by-line. Besides, if you are being acknowledged as an expert, your expertise warrants some manner of recognition.

Opportunities with Brighthub

Choosing the right kind of content and avenue can get you a plethora of clients. Especially considering, there are few subjects in the site that may interest each reader. Your content writing contribution to the site will be testimony enough of your expertise in your subject. All of this is predicated on the fact that you do indeed provide the requisite kind and quality of content especially considering the escalating quality of content for the web.

Threats (Issues) with Brighthub

Upholding the right standards in content writing may be an ordeal, especially since the site requires regular contribution. A solution to this problem could be the availing of content services and article writing services provided by various article marketing companies like us. Since your authorship counts for crock anyway, constant visibility is imperative. Visibility, which is usually attained only through popularity.