+91-9811030948 Is Elegant but Offers Nothing New

Infobarrel is a handsome albeit run-of-the-mill article directory. You might be surprised, how many of those we are coming across. Not that this exercise is getting soporific, it’s just that, there only so many variations that an article directory can bring to its format. The ones with a viable USP manage to lead the segment.

Infobarrel is a very popular site, but hardly has the appeal of eHow or the innovation of Squidoo. But then again, that in no way can undermine Infobarrel’s worth as an article directory. It is a barely a comment on the site’s virtues. It just says that, in spite of how high it stands, we at The WordsManShip don’t see it cracking the top-ten list any time soon.

Strengths of Infobarrel

Info Barrel for SEO contentThe designers of Infobarrel had a superior sense of aesthetics. For people who say that design is a factor that is only second to content and features, we ask, do you want any cheese with that whine? Ask yourself in fact, how successful can a site be, if the homepage doesn’t persuade the reader to explore it further?

Infobarrel’s homepage is as elegant as a news website. It’s somewhat unoriginal but is pleasing enough. The spatial alignment, the distribution of categories etc. is textbook, but will invite no criticism from us.

Apart from standard article directory feature, what may set Infobarrel apart is its entrepreneurial ability to sell itself. The authors are celebrated as success stories. (authorship recognition and backdoor bragging? Check). Moreover, the site has a section for editorial content labelled as IB University. Charming.

The site will also consider accommodating new topics and writers will get 75% of adsense revenues. Infobarrel also has a strict pre-approval system, which doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to crack. The benchmark can be discerned by the content present in the site. Rest assured; you know who to call if you feel the task is not your speed.

Weaknesses of Infobarrel

One will have to properly assess the reach of the site before contributing to it. The site is definitely one of the most popular article directories in the world, but the lack of niche topic renders the site too generic. In fact, one will have to assess if the kind of clients one seeks, frequent the site or not.

Infobarrel apparently took a cue from a lot of its contemporaries but somehow failed to realize that for a contributor to actively participate in the site’s functioning, his/her user profile should be well advertised within the site. It is a bigger incentive than the paltry sum derived from writing articles can be. Somehow, it is a feature that can only be described as deficient.

SEO Content Opportunities with Infobarrel

Book - LaptopInfobarrel has an Alexa rating of 7,430 and Google page rank of 4. These reasonable SEO stats can definitely assure that your business will find a propitious platform in the site.

The money that can be made of the site may not be much, but the percentage of revenues that authors get, is higher than what most other sites offer.

Given the right kind of SEO content, which are can be easily attained from appropriate content services, can fetch you the possibility of making a respectable sum from your revenue.

Threats (Issues) with Infobarrel

As mentioned in the weaknesses, businesses willing to invest their time and efforts in Infobarrel should duly assess if their potential clients or target audience are regulars in the site or not.

The consistent posting of articles that meets Infobarrel’s benchmark can be a challenge which can be duly tackled with appropriate article management and article writing services.