Amazines, Much Like Its Name, Falls Barely Short Of Being Amazing’s primary purpose (or at least it claims so) is to help online magazine publishers grow. But do not be blindsided by that feature alone. The site is useful for budding businesses and entrepreneurs desiring a wide reach as well. The site’s double whammy (multi-whammy, if you choose to see it) is that it provides a single platform for contributors to reach out to various online magazines as well article directories.

These lines may somehow seem to have jumped out from the strengths section, but they are actually facts. We have our grouses against the site, as you will come to learn. But that doesn’t change the fact that, amidst all other self contained article directories, sites like ezinearticles and Amazines provide something new. After all, what kind of entrepreneur would choose to contribute to just one site?

Strengths of Amazines

amazines for content servicesWith, contributors will not only be contributing in one of the world’s most popular article directories, but will also get to reach out to the most popular e-zines in the internet. Much like ezinearticles and ezinemark, Amazines is affiliated with a lot of online magazines. You have as much liberty to scour through those magazines and sell your articles, as these magazines do to go through your profiles and purchase some specific contributions.

Unlike other article directories, Amazines also provides various other services like targeted banner advertising, email advertising, extensive ad tracking services etc. The site also provides online tools to further expand your following as well as keep track of whom you are following. These features will be tantamount to providing and following feeds.

Moreover, if a magazine or a publisher doesn’t have the funds to purchase articles, there is a free article section as well, which thrives on advertising and copious amounts of passion and goodwill, we assume.

One also, has to make special note of the selection of categories. The expansive list of topics is what affirms the site’s standing as a general article directory. It doesn’t steal a lot of focus either.

As you may be aware, we at the WordsManShip reciprocate well to authorship recognition, and Amazines offered plenty to please. But there was flipside, for which you will have to refer to the weakness section.

Weaknesses Content Services Need to Watch Out for is not an attractive site. It has a lot of visitors and for some that may suffice. But there is no denying the lack of aesthetic elements being misappropriated. Not that we judge a website based on its design (how is that for a modern adage?), but the fact remains that any site needs to be designed coherently to instantly display its USP in one glimpse and encourage the visitor to explore it further.

Amazines homepage may very well be like a comments section in any blog. The categories too draw little attention to how the vast section of subjects in the site’s offering. Authorship recognition is in surplus which overflows in to excess.

Opportunities with Amazines

submit-articlesOne can only assume the scope of reach that your content may attain if it gains substantial popularity within the site. This would automatically mean that most of the member magazines will be ready to use it. Amazines, apart from its followers has also the added advantage of being sought by readers of the magazines as well. Sounds propitious enough doesn’t it?

Plus, if your pieces do in fact make it to the e-zines, it would affirm your status as an expert in your field. This way, we are talking high revenue from your original page as well.

This would undoubtedly be predicated on the nature and quality of content you are able to produce. We will provide a gentle reminder that, it would be prudent to hire article management and article writing services, not to mention other content services, if you really desire to get ahead of the market.

Threats (Issues) with Amazines

Amazines as well as all article directories can fetch you only as much success as the quality of your content. A contributor can stay contended if his/her article is purchased, but there stands the possibility that the article is not tapping into the appropriate audience and therefore is yet to attain its potential.

It is for these cases that it becomes imperative that you are not only providing standard content but relevant SEO content. Content, that has been optimized to make you more visible to your audience, inside the site as well as outside of it. Professional content writers and website development services would very well know how to do it.