How this site is one of the most popular article directories in the world, we’ll never know

In our 20 previous reviews of our Article Directory SWOT analysis series, we might have quite often thrown around the label, “run of the mill” article directory. It’s a term that’ll hold valid for quite a number of websites we’ve reviewed since they seem to offer the same kind of services to such an extent that they might as well have been facsimiles of each other.

They meet the basic prerequisites we’ve set for our definition for article directories and seem to break no new ground. ArticleDashboard is no different, barring the fact that it has even fewer features when compared to those unimaginative setups. In fact it is simple, to the point of being primitive. Yet, it endures. Worse, the site takes payments to publish your article. All things considered, we have little insight into how this dinosaur ever survived through the evolving landscape.

Strengths of ArticleDashboard

ArticleDashboard for Article WritersTerming simplicity as this site’s virtue would be an insult to simplicity. On the plus side though, the site is devoid of all the elements that might otherwise distract you. The pages are not congested, the boxes are not cluttered and you do not see any shambolic displays of authors or articles. Even the homepage neatly lays out the categories and sub-categories which are then followed by a list of seemingly random article titles. This all has a simple elegance which is tacit. It cuts to the chase. You open the site. Read the article. Then you read the next one.

The article pages are the same. No exposition about the author or any flashy media used. This, of course, is a point which you will undoubtedly read about in the weakness section.

The site also has an Alexa rating of 10,431 and a Google Page rank of five. These stats are much better than a lot other sites which incidentally happen to be more popular.

Weaknesses of ArticleDashboard

Hand Drawing Content Flow ChartWhile these may seem like rehashes of the points given in the strengths section, the truth is that the site offers little except for popularity, considering the money you are paying to get your article published.

You do not get authorship recognition, which, you would notice if you are our regular reader, we are quite big on. You will have your name mentioned and maybe get some scope to include your business links.

The site is also simplistic to a fault. The design should have incorporated some features for improved advertising of your articles as well as a contributor’s profile. One can only assume that the site coasts by on sheer strength of popularity.

Opportunities with ArticleDashboard

The success of ArticleDashboard hinges on the fact that its visitors comprise of people who are strictly looking for quality over quantity since there is hardly anything to go by, apart from writer content. This is the place niche business client would ideally be found. These customers will be well versed with the business which indicates you will be able to fetch a good price for your services.

Considering you just have text to go by, you will need to hire the services of content writers from article management and article writing services to get SEO content.

Threats (Issues) Article Writers Need to be Careful of

With ArticleDashboard, you will have to invest more effort in getting noticed since your content will primarily be text. Moreover, as climbing the popularity charts with limited features and only written content is quite a feat, it would behoove you to hire appropriate content services as well as article writers to fetch you the much needed leverage.