In Spite Of the No Follow Feature, the Site’s Online Joie De Vivre May Be the Reason behind Its Success

Update: It appears has shutdown under dubious circumstances and some posters and owners of article writing services on the internet are even complaining that the website stole their content. No doubt, all this was a result of Google’s algorithm updates. is an attractive little website; no doubt about that. The site is ornate, easy to operate and provides royalties to its contributors. We, at The WordsManShip, emphasize innovations in websites (which may be a trapping every reviewer falls prey to), and Buksia quenches that thirst in a refreshing style. The system otherwise breaks no new ground. Then again, we keep forgetting that the golden rule is, ‘whatever works, goes.’ Considering the site’s popularity, yes it works.

Strengths of Buksia for Article Writing Services

article writing servicesBuksia is an ornate website. Ornate to the point of being ‘hip’. If you need to ask why this is an important factor then you obviously do not realize the relevance of a well-designed pages or the blasé crowd that it attracts. Needless to say, the more your traffic, the more you are bound to pop up in search engines for that matter.

Since we’ve already treaded upon the subject of SEO and SEO content a tad early, we might as well elaborate upfront that Buksia’s SEO stat may not be that appealing, but that may be due to the sheer fact that we reviewed high-ranking sites initially. Even so, Buksia’s statistics are competent enough when compared to its contemporaries. This is especially true if you consider the Google page rank of 5, which is a rare quality among sites.

Furthermore, the site not only provides an assortment of topics but also provides selections based on what articles are popular on the basis of other criteria. User-preference is also valued. These options, as you will discover tend to be a part of larger designs as well. Neat.

Buksia also happens to be very accommodating of various media. You can post videos, presentations, and audio recordings. This gives you the liberty to get creative with various forms of posts which undoubtedly will help you gain further popularity.

Weaknesses of Buksia

Buksia, as an article directory, has us sufficiently impressed, at least on the surface. The site is attractive and innovative enough to have visitors hooked. However, for a website with a Google page rank of 5, the surprising aspect is that the quality of content on the website is not that great.

The lack of quality of its articles shows that the website lacks a professional and high quality editorial team. The problem with not having a good editorial team means that poor quality articles get through the screening process. This does not bode well for the long term sustainability of the website’s page rank which could suffer due to such neglect.

Opportunities with Buksia

As mentioned above, Buksia is a rather hip website. It is a site that will immediately appeal to the youth and holds more than other article directories we’ve come across while trawling through the article directory landscape. Although, we do opine that it might do you good to rise above the low benchmark of articles that the site usually maintains.

You will need to come up with new as well as thought provoking topics such as those that can immediately translate into polemics and initiate a discussion. If you aren’t able to come up with it yourself, then the experience and skills of content writing professionals employed by reputed article management and article writing services can be useful.

Threats (issues) with Buksia

It is not assured that you’ll find your desired kind of audience in Buksia. However, that is a concern reserved for businesses targeting a niche client base. Contributors ought to be more worried about producing content that rises above the rest of the drivel that the site floats.

Most of the content seems to be SEO optimized, so it would behoove contributors to employ similar strategies. Content for the web these days can be easily purchased, and it might be the sole factor that takes you ahead of your competitors.