It May Be Catchy Name, But What Does It Have To Do With The Content?

Pubarticles is very much an eHow apprentice. At least that is what one infers from the website’s dictum; “the life is how to manual”. There is hardly anything new to write about Pubarticles that we haven’t already written about in terms of article directory features. Article Directories usually differ with either the audience they cater to or the kind of kind of content and facilities they provide (which may or may not cater to a set demographic or requirement).

Pubarticles’ ace in the hole might be the theme that the site emphasizes, which, if you haven’t guessed it already, is ‘how to do things’. Not new, but definitely nifty. It’s a pity that its closest thematic competitor is the most popular article directory in the world. Kind of kills the scope for it or shows that it is on the right track.

Strengths of Pubarticles

Article-DirectoriesPubarticles may not be the most popular ‘how to’ site in the world, but its popularity is undeniable. The site in terms of design merit has a lot going for it. Throughout the course of this exercise, we, at The WordsManShip, have come to identify two different kinds of websites; site’s which attract a literary audience and sites which attract goldfishes.

The former means seasoned audiences. The recurring pattern here is that such websites emphasize on strutting their abundance of content as well the variety of subjects they touch upon as opposed to attractive design elements. Not that their design elements are incoherent. It’s just that they are more verbose than anything else. They tend to attract audiences that are loyal to the site. These audiences are streamlined and are well aware of what kind of content they are looking for. Many of these visitors tend to explore subjects of a given specificity.

The sites meant for the ‘Goldfish’ audience usually try to focus on holistic designs. These sites have a special emphasis on ornate appeal. The agenda is to hook new visitors instantly, niche or otherwise. They may or may not emphasize on content quality (the sites we reviewed mostly do, otherwise why would they even pop up on our radar?), but their aesthetic appeal coupled with other features make them more ‘interactive’ and hip.

These aspects make it easier for them to attract the audiences that are hooked by snazzy websites. Pubarticles comes under the latter. If you’ve read this blog enough, you know this too has its advantages. For the uninitiated, such sites are an instant gateway to reaching out to a generic audience provided you seek generic audiences.

Weaknesses of this Article Directory

Authorship is a big question mark if you happen to be a contributor to this site. You can subtly slip in some ads and links that may benefit your business and convert some visitors into consumers, but that still doesn’t make up for lack of authorship recognition. If an author is recognized in a site, it provides a face for the user to relate to. The brand value that users and their businesses would attain is a perk that a site needs to extend to its contributors.

Opportunities with Pubarticles

article-directories-booksThe site is not without its merits. Pubarticles, true to its name is a very ‘hip’ article directory. If one were to explore its contents, it specifically offers good content in topics like fashion, entertainment, and gaming. This is a quality that you rarely see in other sites. Owing to the site’s good collection of writers and editors, the content you will get in these sites warrant a mention in our analysis.

It might be easier to reap benefits from this site if one sees it for what it is – a trendy website that can draw young audiences more easily. Try to seek content writers who might provide you SEO content of similar nature to post on this site and your business will yield a bounty of traffic.

Threats (issues) Content Writers Must be Careful of

Apart from the popularity and author recognition issues that Pubarticles poses, contributors ought to be more concerned about the nature of content that they manage to produce. Every website is popular for one or a couple more of its categories.

Businesses looking to do so in Pubarticles should check whether it is suitable for their specific industry. As always, buying SEO articles from content service comes cheap these days and assures quality. You could avail help from article writing services as well as content developing services for these reasons.