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Secrets of SEP

SEO Secrets

Creating a website is easy as long you have all the tools you need but getting ranked higher can be pretty hard if you are not aware of what updates are happening and what techniques work.

Since there are so many people out there trying to rank high, you will need to know as much about SEO and search engines as possible to keep up and maintain your success.

To make sure you are aware of some of the best techniques, we are going to go over 8 tips you should be implementing in your SEO campaigns.

Link Building

This is one of the most important aspects of SEO. It helps your rank as well as increases your authority. There are plenty of different strategies to choose from when you are looking to link build, but you should be aware of the changes that have happened after the most recent Google update. Since search engines have been trying to fight again people who use black hat tactics, they are starting to punish people who use bad link methods. Spamming your link, placing them to irrelevant websites, and using misleading words within the anchor texts are just a few examples of bad ways to promote your links.

You should make sure and post all of your links to places where they belong and bring value to viewers. If they don’t look natural and helpful, you should probably avoid posting them.

Fast Loading Times

Search engines are now using how fast your website loads into their algorithms, which determines how high you are ranked. So it is important to try and get your load times as fast as possible. There are plenty of different aspects of your website that can be optimized to help with load times, so it is important to do it. It also helps reduce bounce rates and makes the site more accessible to people who are using slower internet connections.

Incredible Content

Search engines will always love great content that is unique and attractive. The more content you post, the more attention you will get from search engines and the faster your new pages will be indexed. It is important to keep content coming on a regular basis.

Well planned Keyword Strategy

You should always start a marketing campaign by doing a large amount of keyword research so you know which keywords you want to target and you can form a whole strategy around those keywords. If you don’t do the research, your whole campaign could end up failing due to something simple.

Structure of URLs

Your website’s URLs should always have a good structure so that people as well as search engines can tell what the page is all about and where it is located. There are still plenty of websites out there that use a sequence of numbers or letters that make no sense what so ever. As an example of how your URLs should look, take a look at this: You can see everything about the page directly from the URL.

Website Navigation

Having great navigation is how search engine spiders crawl through all of your content and index them properly. If there is no navigation to some of those pages, they won’t be accessible by search engines. Not only does this help SEO, but a great navigation system helps the overall user experience.

Internal Links

Internal links that are properly used can help get your rankings higher in no time. Not only do search engines look highly on valuable internal links, but they also reduce bounce rates, provide a better user experience, and can promote new content.

Competition Research

The best thing you can do when trying to increase rankings is to know what your competition is up to. Knowing what keywords they are targeting, how much effort they are putting into their rankings, and their other strategies can really give you an edge over them. There are plenty of tools that can help track what they are doing. You can make plenty of counter strategies or base your strategy off of what your competition is doing, so take the time to keep up with them.

There are plenty of SEO tips out there, but these 8 should help you get your rankings to where they should be.