Writer’s Corner

April 19, 2012

People believe technical writing to be gobbledygook when it is, in fact, supposed to be easy to understand… The mention of the phrase “technical writing”, unfortunately, makes many novice entrepreneurs and content writers nervous. The reason for this is simply the kind of reputation that technical writing has developed over the years. As the best

April 11, 2012

Essay writing and article writing, while not distinctly different, are still unique in their own way… One of the most debated subjects amongst content writers, journalists and educational experts is the dynamics of essay writing in conjunction with that of article writing. While most people know that journalistic writing is significantly different from essay writing,

December 11, 2011

So, for the longest time, I wrote about what an ideal article should contain, and what it should look like. Today, I decided to take a more subjective approach and write about what I would like in an article. Now, I am not a great writer or a critic myself, but I speak as a

October 7, 2011

Most people would think that writing is all the same, and anyone who can write well can write anything. However, to assume that creative writers would also be able to do content writing may not always be right. There are some fundamental difference between creative writing and content writing for the web. The Purpose: Creative

September 9, 2011

Okay, you are here on the site of a company that writes for the web, and you are browsing through their blogs, getting a feel of their writing style and quality. You scan through a couple of the articles but don’t read through them all… Even the ones you browse through. Because, let’s be honest,

July 23, 2011

Search engine optimisation is an enormously expanding industry today; it is also highly competitive and dynamic. Launching a website is easy but getting it up to a level where it is high up on a google search result page is another thing all together. Reaching this level can take some serious dedication and ability to